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Bordello Burlesque Footwear

So the Burlesque scene has kept on growing even with all the economic doom and gloom, I guess people still need cheering up.
Burlesque clothes have been everywhere for a while, but shoes for burlesque have been hard to come by so when we were offered the Bordello brand we jumped at it. The first few styles are in and there are loads more coming.

Bordello Shoes for Burlesque

Been a While

It's been ages since I've had time to post anything on here, we've been crazy busy again.
We're thinking about doing some more 50's dresses for the summer, but the choice is huge, so any suggestions on fabrics and cuts would be most welcome.
We get asked about men's goth clothes alot, and we try to keep plenty in stock but the bottom line is that men's lines just don't sell as well as girls stuff.
Why? are we stocking the wrong stuff? do blokes just not buy as many clothes as girls? or is it becuase most guys on the alternative scene spend 90%of the time in jeans and a T-shirt like me?
Well there are some awesome mens tees coming very soon amongst the new range of Iron Fist Clothing that we'll be launching next week, we don't normally go in for brand names but the artwork on the Ironfist stuff is cool, brandname or not so we had to do it.
So, Corsets, we're still carrying plenty of goth corsets, but have corsets gone mainstream? and if so does that mean that the alternative scene will drop them?

Now that Emo Fashion seems to have run it's course, what's next? the 50's/rockabilly look is still going strong, and the traditional goth scene is as strong as ever but what's next for the kids? Well the fashion always seems to follow the music scene, 80's hair metal seems to be making a comeback so perhaps we'll see 15 year olds in spandex jumpsuits sporting poodle perms? I hope so. 80/90s thrash is having a bit of a revival so dirty denims and basket ball boots with tongues like cricket pads could be back in.

Criminal Damage

We asked our customers what brands they wanted us to stock and the most frequent reply was criminal damage so here we go, Criminal Damage
So what do you reckon? yay? nay?
Criminal Damage's more recent stuff has moved away from the goth look a bit but there are still some gems in there.

There's a whole load of new stuff from Necessary Evil on it's way too.

New stuff

We've been mad busy the last few weeks, we've moved to a new warehouse, been working on new designs, done a couple of photoshoots and all sorts of other stuff.
I went and saw Ministry on monday night in Wolverhampton too which was cool.
People kept asking us for corsets, so we've just added  some more to our range, so if your interested have a look at our corset section.
The pics from our latest photoshoots came out really well, you can see most of them here
In other news I'm pretty much crippled having just carried a very old industrial sewing machine that weighs more than I do up a flight of stairs.

ok so it's been about six months since anyone here posted so I thought I'd take a moment and bring the big stuff up to date.
It's been nuts here for the last few months, we've been frantically adding new lines to the site and the day to day running of things has kept us all pretty busy.

But now we've made some time to design fab new lines, hooray!.

Kate's been presenting me with sketches of new garments on bits of paper, cardboard, napkins etc and I've been drawing up patterns for samples.
I love pattern cutting but it's always stressful deciding how to size things. There is a British standard for sizing but it was written about a million years ago when everyone was malnourished and stick thin so it's worse than useless. We always do our best to size our designs so they will fit real live people and not just stick insects but it's an uphill struggle since most of the big manufacturers vanity size to such an extent that their sizes are meaningless.

Oh, and we've launched a new website, have a look at www.edgefashion.co.uk.
Love it or loathe it , it looks like the emo look is here to stay and we've been getting a steady stream of request for more emo clothing .
So we thought we'd have a go......

Emo fashion has come out of nowhere over the last couple of years, and while we'll always be first and foremost goth it's nice to have a new challenge.

Wildhearts in nottingham

Me and the lads went and saw the wildhearts at rock city on saturday.
The venue moved the gig into the little room which was actually quite cool if a bit crowded.
As always they played like bastards and everyone left bruised and sweaty.
I particularly enjoyed Ginger saying that they may have banned smoking in night clubs but as far as he knew they hadn't banned sparklers, then handing out sparklers to the crowd.
How nobody lost an eye with sparklers in a moshpit I'll never know.

another hang over story

i feel like hell and i hate myself and i hate everyone and i want to die, when i say die i mean go back to bed till the moment passes.
I'm not a rubbish drinker, at all but for some reason last night turned in to a 3 glass vomit fiesta. After taking one for the team when my mate fancied some guy who like me so i pulled his mate to balance the sitch, i staggered off and got a repeat performance of everything i'd drunk.i dont remeber getting home but i do remember a rather feeble attempt at cleaning up after myself. it was more like just spreading it about a bit. Loser!
i haven't thrown up from drinking since i was 16, i'm so baffed

well anyway, at work now and can't even look at the screen. hope nobody notices i smell of stale wine and fags :(

hows everyone else this fair morn?

Kate's Clothing Newsletter 27th September 2007
Necessary Evil

Kate's Clothing



Lip Service

Hell Bunnyhttp://www.katesclothing.info/brand_12.htm


Bat Attack

http://www.katesclothing.info/brand_26.htmDeath Kitty
Hi Everyone,
It's cold. Really cold. But we've braved arctic temperatures to bring you another selection of goodies. Enjoy.
New Demonia Lines - IN STOCK
By popular demand we've got some of the latest lines from demonia.
What's more, if it's on our website it's in stock - not like some websites who get boots and shoes in to order - so you get your stuff faster.






New Poizen Industries
We've got a few new styles in from Poizen Industries too, and there's loads more coming over the next few weeks so watch this space.

Until Next Time,



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My aching face

A bit of a personal one today. aside from my face really aching so does my little not so emo heart. i have the worst luck with boys. having just done the whole massive break up thing with Mr Everythingtome of 3 years i meet someone who is practically magic, besting thing since cheese and i fooking love cheese and he's shall we say, been removed for stock. blood lame. oh well, ho hum and one wanna take me out on a date? ...no takers...

on to the more important things of the day. massive party under way looking like the 3rd of novemeber now. have booked SIN for the venue on charing cross road. so any of you models/performers keep your eyes open on dark arts for the up and coming job ops with the night and for the rest of you london based party animals check out the event myspace and FOOKING COME!



The Lurgy is spreading!

We've all got Sabrina's Lurgy, our crack team of biologists have narrowed it down to either bubonic plague, the ebola virus or possibly just a hangover.